Caberera Concurso de Enganches



One of the highlights of Ronda’s annual fair commemorating the 18th century bullfighter Pedro Romero, the carriage driving exhibition takes place on the Sunday morning of the Goyesca weekend. La exhibición cuenta con los mejores caballos y carruajes procedentes de otros concursos exhibición celebrados en España y resto de Europa. La recaudación obtenida ese día se destina íntegramente a entidades locales con fines sociales.

The competition consists of two parts. In the first, the horses and crriages are on display in the street outsid the bullring, where they can be appreciated and closely examined by the public and the technical jury. The carriage drivers then put their skills on display in the bullring, entering in groups according to the number of horses and their formation: from a single horse and gig up to stagecoaches drawn by a team of 6 horses. Inside the ring each competitor has to execute the same manouevres and exercises (forwards, backwards, turning, walk, trot and canter) as required by the regulations.

The dressage skills and turnout of the horses are appraised as well as the expertise of the drivers and grooms in carrying out the exercises. The show reaches its climax when all the competitors enter the ring at once and forms a series of concentric circles, alternately moving in opposite directions thus forming a spectacular and showstopping “carousel”.

Concurso de Enganchez en la Plaza
Concurso de Enganches Desfile