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In partnership with other organisations with complementary aims, the Real Maestranza promotes a wide variety of activities including educational and academic events and programmes, concerts and publishing projects.

La Real Maestranza colabora con otras entidades e instituciones en la realización de actividades que coinciden con sus fines estatutarios, como pueden ser reuniones científicas, cursos formativos, conciertos musicales o proyectos editoriales, entre otras.

Instituto de Estudios de Ronda y la Serranía (IERS)

The Institute for the Study of Ronda and the Serranía promotes research and analysis related to the history, geography and culture of Ronda and its surrounding area.

Since its foundation in 2015 the Institute has organised a series of international congresses covering successive historical eras as well as the human and natural geography of the area.


ASPEN Institute España

Aspen Institute España is a non-partisan foundation, dedicated to promoting values-based leadership and dialogues on critical issues for the future of our society. It offers a plural and balanced forum to debate issues of general interest among participants who aim to turn their ideas into action. Its activities are developed through programs, seminars and conferences on leadership, values and public policies. Aspen Institute España forms part of the network of fourteen Aspen Institutes around the world.

Aspen Institute
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