Centro de Estudios de la Nobleza


Centro de Estudios de la Nobleza

The renewed and now growing interest in the study of the nobility and other élites is an indicator that the history of these social groups has reached a stage of historiographical maturity. The Second Estate of the 16th-18th centuries offers a wide variety of research opportunities, and from diverse perspectives. Society, politics, economics, culture, art, religion, literature, music, in fact any aspect, process or phenomenon of the Modern Age can be studied through the prism of the nobility.

Among its objectives are: to be a laboratory for the study of the nobility, maintaining an annual program that includes the holding of scientific meetings and consolidated research groups and that encourages the active participation of specialists through a permanent seminar; learn about and disseminate research on the nobility and nobiliary developed in universities and research centers; promote the creation of an annual award for the best published work dedicated to the study of the nobility; promoting academic research with noble funds from the Archive; and co-edit publications on the history of the nobility that result from a collaboration between the Real Maestranza and different publishers.



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