Audio Guides
The audio guide costs an additional 1.50 € on top of the general entry fee.

Audio Guides: It will be launched shortly the audio guide service with an specific disinfection plan. In short, and with the same contents, a progressive web app will be implemented for download on personal mobiles.

Audio guides are available in Spanish, English, French, Italian and German for the tour around Ronda's Royal Maestranza of Cavalry Museum.  

The duration of the complete audio commentary is about 60 minutes, during which you will find out all about the monument and the other aspects of the museum. The audio guide costs an additional ? 1.50 on top of the general entry fee.

Audio guide index:

  1. Welcome
  2. The bull enclosures
  3. The horse-riding exercise ring
  4. The pens
  5. History of the construction of the bullring
  6. Architectural features
  7. Distribution of the boxes
  8. A day at the bullring
  9. The suertes, or various moves
  10. The tercios, or three parts
  11. Anecdotes and curiosities
  12. Cavalry courtyard or gathering place
  13. The bullfighting museum
  14. The mythical origins of the bull
  15. Head of the aurochs
  16. Popular bullfighting and fighting from horseback
  17. Modern bullfighting
  18. The evolution of bullfighting
  19. Bullfighting equipment and costumes
  20. Bullfighting costume
  21. The Romero dynasty
  22. The Ordóñez dynasty
  23. Cloaks and other items
  24. Goyescas bullfights
  25. Poster collection and other exhibits from the Real Maestranza
  26. Victor Adams and Lake Price
  27. Goya's Tauromaquia series
  28. The Harness and Livery Collection of the Royal House of Orléans
  29. Cabinets 1-6
  30. Cabinet 7
  31. Cabinet 8
  32. Cabinet 10
  33. Cabinets 12-15
  34. Video
  35. Brotherhood of knights
  36. Enlightened Ronda: an age of building and growth
  37. Picture gallery
  38. The Real Maestranza today
  39. Timeline

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