The Real Maestranza is signing a research support agreement with the RDI team of IES Martín Rivero that will benefit over 300 Ronda students.
Ignacio Herrera, director of the Real Maestranza de Caballería de Ronda, and Marcos Naz, coordinator of the Department of Research, Development, and Innovation (RDI) of IES Martín Rivero, along with Mercedes Ávila, Asunción Jiménez, Carmen Aguilar, and María del Mar Rodríguez, teachers, signed the agreement today.

Five years ago, a line of work was created for students of IES Martín Rivero who volunteer to make scientific research a work methodology. The goal of this project is to develop students' creative proficiency, skills, and abilities so that they can participate in research teams at the Universities of Málaga, Seville, and Córdoba in their final years of school, as well as design and develop their own research or inventions in their final year of studies in Ronda.

IES Martín Rivero

Students begin their education in seventh grade, when they participate in various events and competitions that require, in addition to an investment to develop the studies, financial support to solve the geographic disadvantage that our students face compared to the opportunities of those students closest to the provincial capitals of Andalusia. In the past, they were funded by the effort of students, who assumed a large portion of the expenses through reinvesting their own financial awards into the trips, and in recent years, with the help of the Real Maestranza de Caballería de Ronda. As of today's date, there will be an agreement signed by both parties that will formalize this collaboration.

The agreement to support over 300 students may be extended to other schools. This aid, in addition to covering logistical expenses as well as materials, reagents, devices, technology, etc., will encourage better research proposals.

Twenty awards

Among the more than twenty awards received by this department to date include Great Educational Initiatives from Fundación Atresmedia and la Caixa, Educational Ecoinnovation from Fundación Endesa, Master Act from FAD and BBVA, and Antonio Domínguez Ortiz from the Regional Government of Andalusia.

In 2020, these students will participate in the Science IES research program at the Universities of Málaga, Seville, and Córdoba, Introduction to the Experimental Physics Laboratory Days at the University of Córdoba, the Córdoba Science Walk, the Seville Science Fair, the Murcia Science in Action competition, and other projects.

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