The Real Maestranza's Poster Fund
Issue 15 of the digital magazine Documents in the Archive is dedicated to the Real Maestranza's Poster Fund, which you can learn more about on the Culture and Education Blog.

With over 6,000 posters and dates stretching from the late 18th century to the present day, it is a valuable collection of posters, mostly on the topic of Ronda and its Serranía. This collection, mostly unknown until now, reflects social, cultural, and political life in the city of the Tajo, especially over the past fifty years.


The entire fund is currently defined according to ISAD(G) standards, digitized through the Albalá program, and easily accessible thanks to its own classification chart. Out of the whole fund, which is on paper or silk, over half belongs to private archives, including the collections of Mr. Gonzalo Hueza, "Cuso," Mr. Juan Campos, and most significantly, Mr. Rafael Aguilera.


This fund is accessible on the catalog page. To view the originals, please email

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