Launch of the 10th Music and Philosophy Festival and the 14th Music Week at Madrid’s Residencia de Estudiantes (Student Residence)
The 10thMusic and Philosophy Festival and the 14th Music Week was launched by Representatives from the Royal Maestranza of Cavalry, Ronda and the Physis Ontology Congress at the Residencia de Estudiantes (Student Residence) on Friday 17 May at 11.30, which will take place from 1 to July 4 next.

The philosophy professor, Víctor Gómez-Pin, coordinator of the Physis Ontology Congress and composers Tomás Marco and José María Sánchez-Verdú, as well as Rafael Atienza, Lieutenant of the Grand Brother of the Royal Maestranza of Cavalry, Ronda launched the 10thMusic and Philosophy Festival entitled «Oral Music – Written Music» with a programme of lectures given by philosophers, musicologists and composers. The conference programme will be accompanied by a series of concerts dedicated to the dichotomy between the oral and written tradition taking place during the 14th Ronda Music Week.

Thinkers such as Francisco Jarauta, Gotzon Arrizabalaga, Víctor Gómez-Pin and Javier Echeverría, director of the Royal Library María Luisa López-Vidriero, poets Valverde Villena and Juan Ramón Makuso Makuso as well as composers José María Sánchez-Verdú y Marcel Pérè will all be taking part in this 10th Music and Philosophy Festival at the Royal Maestranza libary.

Ensemble Organum

The 14th Ronda Music Week will present concerts from the Aljarafe Chamber Orchestra,- directed by Pedro Vázquez Marín- from the French medieval music group Ensemble Organum -directed by Marcel Pérès- and soloist Tata Quintana. The closing concert will see the debut of the winning composition from the 1st Music Composition Competition at this festival organised by the Royal Maestranza of Cavalry, Ronda. All concerts take place in the Institution library, except those scheduled on Wednesday 3 July, which will be held in the Virgen de la Cabeza chapel.

Since its inception in 2001, the Music and Philosophy Festival has provided a forum for discussion on the deep and unchanging structure of music, the evolution of its laws, its links with the disciplines and other areas of human activity. Among those who have taken part in past festivals are composers H ugues Dufourt and Mestres Quadreny the philosopher Agustín García Calvo and singers Ruggero Raimondi, Pilar Jurado and Carlos Álvarez.

You can register for the Festival on the Ronda Royal Maestranza of Cavalry website. Concerts cost €10 (€30 for a pass allowing entry to all concerts). There is also a special rate of € 3 for the unemployed, children under 12 and pensioners.


"The conference programme will be accompanied by a series of concerts"

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