The Museum houses a copy of the Tauromaquia (Bullfight) by Francisco de Goya

Occupying one quarter of the bullring, the Museum of Bullfighting is located underneath the tiered seating section. As you walk through the museum, you begin to learn about the mythical origins of bullfighting in world culture, its roots in the Iberian Peninsula and how bullfighting has evolved, from popular bullfighting and chivalric bullfighting to win royal favour to later becoming a structured show with rules as it is today. It also documents the importance of Ronda and the Romero and Ordóñez dynasties in the history of bullfighting.

The collection brings together painting, sculpture, graphic art, textiles, tools and objects, historical documents and contemporary pieces of art, alongside relevant information that places each work in context, all of which combined give an overall picture of its history.

Eduardo Arroyo

The Museum houses a rich collection of etchings, engravings, lithographs and prints, including a copy of the Tauromaquia (Bullfight) by Francisco de Goya, and excellent depictions of bullfighting by English painters Lake Price and Edward Orme as well as by Víctor Adam from France. There are also oil paintings from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, suits, bronzes, bas-reliefs and traditional and popular props used in bullfights, as well as historical signage and a collection of contemporary posters that the Royal Maestranza has been commissioning on an annual basis for several seasons, signed by artists such as Eduardo Arroyo, Barceló, Campano, Pérez Villalta, Félix de Cárdenas, Úrculo, Abraham Lacalle, Darío Villalba and Guinovart.

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