The Royal Harness Collection
Unique collection of horse carriage harnesses

The Royal Harness Collection contains a complete set of harnesses, saddles and livery given to the Duke of Montpensier, Antoine by his father the King of France, Louis-Phillippe d'Orleáns. The outstanding quality of each piece makes this a unique collection of horse carriage harnesses, divided into oriental, French gala, Andaluz calesera-style and the English riding harnesses.

The seat of Queen Isabella II

The ceremonial harnesses used in Versailles at the royal wedding of the Duke of Montpensier with Princess Luisa Fernanda are also on display next to the spectacular mameluke saddle collection. Further exhibits of interest include the seat of Queen Isabella II of Spain and the countryside and riding saddle livery from the Andaluz palaces of Montpensier as well as the sophisticated Turkish-style saddle (talabarteria) produced in the Parisian workshops of the nineteenth century by the sultans of the Great Gate and Egypt.

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