The Goyesca Bullfight
Each year an artist is commissioned to design the poster for the bullfights of the Pedro Romero Fair

In 1954, a Goyesca bullfight commemorating the 200th anniversary of the birth of famous bullfighter Pedro Romero was organised by the prestigious matador Antonio Ordóñez. The festival captured all the pageantry and pomp of life portrayed in the works of painter Goya, a contemporary of Pedro and his brother, José Romero, and whose portraits he painted. The bullfight took place on 9 September with a line up consisting of Antonio Bienvenida, César Girón and the eldest son of the Niño de la Palma, Cayetano Ordóñez, the very inspiration of the event.

Modelled on herding competitions, bulls were brought from the Miura, Concha y Sierra, Federico Bartolomé, Pablo Romero, Buendía and Francisco Figueira ranches to participate in the fight. The bullfight opened with the bull called Pajarraco from the Miura ranch, with Antonio Bienvenida acting as matator.

It was held again in 1957 and 1958, following a 2-year hiatus, Antonio Ordóñez once again taking centre stage forming one of the team of three bullfighters (terna in Spanish). He rose to become the star of the Goyesca bullfights and master of Ronda's bullring, transforming it into one of the most significant annual events of the bullfighting calendar, as well as a real social and cultural outing.

Francisco Rivera Ordóñez

Today, the Goyesca Bullfight is the highlight of the Pedro Romero Fair which takes place in early September. Organized by Francisco Rivera Ordóñez, who has taken over the reins from his grandfather as the impresario of the Ronda bullring, the celebrations are topped off with the traditional Rejones Bullfight, where the matador fights the bull from his horse with lances, or the bullfight involving no horsemen (picadores) for students of the bullfighting school.

Each year an artist is commissioned to design the poster for the bullfights of the Pedro Romero Fair and the original works of artists such as Barceló, Ginovart, Arroyo, Úrculo and Campano are on display at the Museum of Bullfighting.

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